Daily Learnings

Have you ever read a great book full of excellent advice only to forget many of its teachings several weeks later?

I had this identical problem and decided to create a solution. 

I love reading, typically 20-30 books each year. My favourite topics include anything about Business, Money, and Personal Development.

I'd highlight all the great nuggets of information, and even export my notes to a word doc, but revisiting my notes on a regular basis seemed like a full-time job. I wanted an easy and convenient way to keep this valuable information in the forefront of my mind. 

So, I created my 'Daily Learnings.' An email each morning with a short quote or excerpt from one of my books. Never more than a few sentences, to help me recall what I learned and be successful in my upcoming day.

Several of my close friends and family members asked if they could "get on the list." Not long after, I found my Daily Learnings emails becoming increasingly popular among people I had never met! My friends were forwarding it to their friends, who sent it to their friends, and so on. 

So, I've decided to make it available for anyone who would like to join, and it's entirely free

Each morning, you'll receive a short quote or excerpt from one of my favourite books. These books include authors like,

  • Tony Robbins,
  • Seth Godin,
  • Guy Kawasaki,
  • Tim Ferriss,
  • David Chilton,
  • Mark Cuban,
  • Peter Thiel, and many more. 

Since having the convenience of this little pep talk each morning, myself (and others) have been empowered to take better control of our lives and maximize our success each day. 

If this sounds interesting, please feel free to sign up using the box below.