Rock your Next Sales Call with these 3 Free and Easy Tools

Anyone can host a sales call, but hosting a GREAT sales call that is both engaging and exciting for the client can often make the difference between a closed deal and lost one.


In the age of digital supremacy, I've found an increasing majority of my clients prefer some type of digital sales call.

Whether it’s Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime, people simply don't have the time to meet face-to-face like they used to. Business owners are incredibly busy people with tight schedules. 

I got tired of calling people, giving my pitch, and hanging up only to have them forget about me two minutes later. Not being able to put a face to a name really hurt my chances!


I figured there had to be a better way to engage with prospective clients and keep my brand in the forefront of their mind. 

Through years of experimentation with various platforms I've found three awesome free tools that have helped me sign more deals and leave a lasting impact in client's minds.


1) The easiest way to schedule a sales call


Forget the emails back and forth trying to coordinate a meeting time. Doodle Polls is by far the best and easiest tool for scheduling a call with multiple people. 

Create a free account by logging in with Gmail, or signup with your email address. Using their incredibly simple app or website, create a poll allowing others to vote on their favourite meeting times. Once everyone has completed their availability, simply pick the time that works best for everyone.


There’s no need for clients to download an app or install any software, and it automatically sync’s with your calendar! 

It’s difficult enough getting a dedicated moment of someone's time so it’s critically important that the meeting request is an incredibly simple process. If the client has to jump through hoops just to set up a meeting, you’re already behind the 8-ball.


2) The easiest way to host a video conference


Putting a face to a name is a critical component of the sales process. It’s the quickest way to build trust with a prospective client while creating a deeper connection than a phone call ever could. 


With the free version of Zoom, you can host unlimited online meetings up to 40 minutes in length with as many as 100 participants!

The video & audio quality is the best I’ve seen among similar video conferencing services. If you don’t want to to use the video feature they have an audio-only option as well.

The screen-share feature is also great for giving product demos or helping with technical support. Again, there’s no need for the customer to download any software or plug-ins.

Another great feature I like is Zoom's easy ability to sync with your calendar, letting you schedule conference calls right from Gmail!


3) The easiest way to send & sign a contract


We’ve all been there: the deal is verbally complete but you spend days or even weeks chasing the client for a signed contract. It’s brutal, and it's one of the major causes of lost deals.

It amazes me how so many companies still use fax machines and scanners. I previously worked with a company that refused to update their legal processes which resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue each year. It was such a deal killer!

Enter, HelloSign. The free version of HelloSign lets you send up to 3 documents per month. If that’s not enough upgrade your plan and send unlimited documents for only $13/month. 

All documents sent via HelloSign are 100% legally binding. Sending a document is incredibly easy and takes less than a few minutes.

Once sent, HelloSign keeps you updated every step of the way letting you know if the client received your document, if they've viewed it, and even sends a PDF copy to both you and the client once all signatures have been collected. 


Signing a document is incredibly easy as well and can be done with your finger on a mobile device, or by taking a picture of your signature on a blank piece of paper. Best of all, HelloSign’s integration with Gmail lets you send contracts right from your inbox!

Key takeaway: don't fall victim to obsolete tools and inconvenient processes. People are incredibly busy and will avoid doing any additional work at all costs.

Use technology to optimize your systems and minimize barriers to entry as much as possible. Remember, people will always take the path of least resistance. Wow them with ease and they'll choose you over the print & scan guy every time!


How do you typically host your sales calls? phone, video, in-person? Share your advice in the comments below!