3 Game-Changing Tools Every Sales Rep Needs to Have

Stop getting stonewalled by the gatekeeper. Get straight to the decision-maker the first time, every time.


Being a sales rep is one tough job, especially if you’re working on 100% commission. You need sales and you need them fast! I’ve been there and understand your pain.

Searching websites, business cards, contact databases and social networking sites trying to find the contact details of a particular decision-maker can consume massive amounts of time.

Not to worry. Through years of working with dozens of systems and CRM platforms, I’ve built an arsenal of easy-to-use tools for just about anything, to the point where I can now prospect and cold-call 20 new clients in less than 45 minutes! Let’s dive in and show you what I’m talking about. 


The easiest way to find decision makers – Data Connect

By far the best resource I’ve come across for sourcing leads and finding contact information is Data.com by Salesforce.


The free version lets you lookup one contact for every contact you enter. If you have a stack of business cards or a spreadsheet of contact info, upload it into the system to receive your free contact credits.

There’s a probation period where you can only upload a few contacts per day while they vet the quality and accuracy of your data, but once this trial period is complete you’ll be able to upload unlimited contacts. This has resulted in the best contact quality I’ve seen for any database (over 90% accuracy in my experience).

Every contact you upload into the system gives you 5 points, and to pull a contact from the database costs you 5 points.

If the contact details you pull end up being incorrect, not to worry, they will give you back your 5 points.

The search parameters are fantastic as well, letting you search by industry, title, revenue, and dozens of other criteria.

You can even use Evercontact to sync contact details from Data.com right into your CRM. This tool has saved me incredible amounts of time over the years. 


The easiest way to organize your contacts – Evercontact

Another great program I frequently use is Evercontact. It can be installed into Gmail for free, and if you’re using Google Chrome as your browser they have a great plug­in.


When installed with Gmail the free personal version of Evercontact automatically analyses the email signatures of incoming emails and updates client contact details accordingly.

You can then sync your email contacts with your CRM platform and it will automatically update new contact details into the CRM – no more copying and pasting email signatures!

If someone changes their phone number or get’s a new title there’s no need to manually update their info, saving you hours of valuable time.

If you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser, Evercontact has a free Chrome extension that will allow you to instantly copy someone's contact details from any webpage right into your address book – no more copying and pasting emails, phone numbers, and addresses.

Simply highlight the contact info with your mouse and click on the Evercontact Chrome plug­in. Evercontact will instantly create a new contact, copy the details to your Gmail contacts database, and sync it to your CRM. 


The easiest way to organize your inbox – Streak CRM

Streak CRM for Gmail is an absolutely incredible add-on, and best of all, free!


Although you may have a CRM already in-place, Streak will work independently from your current CRM and includes several time-saving features that will keep you organized and cut your prospecting time down to a fraction.

Find Streak in the Google Apps Marketplace or on their website. The free version includes loads of great features. Here are some of my favorites:


Email scheduling: great for sending emails to clients during business hours in various timezones. You can also use this tool to schedule all your cold emails for the week in one sitting and simply respond as clients reply throughout the week. In only a few hours each Monday, I can schedule 20-50 prospecting emails to be sent out at various times throughout the week, freeing up the rest of my time to focus on other tasks. 


Email Tracking: with the free version of Streak you can track up to 200 emails per month. This is great for knowing if someone is ignoring your emails, or if your emails are going to their junk folder. Unlike other email services, Streak doesn’t require the recipient to send back a read receipt, instead, you get a simple browser notification as well as a little green eyeball icon that appears in your Sent folder. 


Email Templates: No longer do you have to spend time rewriting or copying and pasting email templates. Streak lets you save various email templates, then, simply insert that template into a new email with one click. This feature has drastically reduced the time it takes to send out a cold email; usually less than 30 seconds.


CRM Boxes: Similar to an account folder, Streak helps you manage and organize your inbox by sorting each contact into its own “box”. A box is simply a way of keeping all your emails and correspondence with a particular client under a single company tag, however, you can also save client-specific notes and details of your conversations including follow-up tasks, reminders, and alerts. 


Mobile App: Streak also provides a user-friendly mobile app, great for working on the fly.


What's a great sales tool you use on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments below.