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Here are 3 easy tools to save you thousands of dollars on logo creative design.


Some agencies are great, but not all are created equal. Having worked both for and with agencies, I’ve seen this first hand. In fact, it's one of the reasons I decided to quit an agency job when I first broke into the industry.

Ultimately, agency's are in business to make money. As much as they claim to put your needs first, turning a profit can quickly lead to a conflict of interest.

As a small business owner starting a new company I figured there had to be an easier and more economical way to get a great logo without paying inflated agency prices. After loads of trial and error, here are the 3 best tools I’ve discovered for creating a killer logo in less than 48 hours


If you’re the creative type


If you’re like me and have a bit of a creative side I highly recommend

Canva enables anyone to become a designer by allowing you to customize elements using hundreds of professionally pre-designed templates.

With Canva you can design logo’s, business cards, posters, flyers, PDF’s and even slideshow presentations. The template database is constantly being updated and best of all it’s FREE!

I’ve been using Canva for years for pretty much anything where I need creative support. Its interface is incredibly simple and user-friendly, employing a simple drag-and-drop framework.

Dive in and discover the plethora of amazing features Canva has to offer, you won’t be disappointed!


For the less creatively inclined

If creativity is not your strong suit, or perhaps you struggle drawing even a simple stickman, not to worry! Here are a few more great and inexpensive tools to help you get the amazing logo you’ve always wanted. 


First off, I highly recommend I’ve been a huge fan of 99designs for years and have used it to design multiple logos. It’s incredibly simple.

Create a project profile describing what you’re looking for and a rough idea of the concept. Pick a pricing package that fits your budget. Your project then goes out to an international network of over 1.4 million designers.

Designers will compete for your project by submitting design concepts; simply pick the one you like best!

All intellectual property rights and payments are done through the platform so there’s no need to worry about losing your copyrights or credit card details.

I should mention, however, 99designs has gotten a bit more expensive over the years, now starting at $399 CAD, but it includes a full money-back guarantee if you don’t like any of the designs submitted.

99designs can also be used for a variety of other items including website design, app building, packaging labels, and even books!


My personal favorite

My personal favorite when it comes to hiring a professional contractor is


I’ve used Freelancer for everything from logo design to copyediting and data entry. Unlike 99designs, there are no pre-determined pricing packages. Instead, you simply set your budget at whatever level you're comfortable and your project will be sent out to a community of over 24 million freelancers.

Again, there’s a full money-back guarantee and your funds won’t be awarded to the freelancer until you accept and approve their work.

They also have a great app lets you instant message and share files with your freelancer.

Each freelancer has their own profile page where you can read reviews and see feedback from previous clients.

Freelancer is a huge time-saver because it allows me to quickly and inexpensively hire an independent contractor to work on tasks that would otherwise take up hours of valuable time, e.i. data-entry.

I highly recommend to any entrepreneur or business owner looking to hire temporary support. 

Key takeaway: before you cut that agency cheque it's worth exploring a few alternative options. You might just be surprised by the free tools and resources available that could save you thousands of dollars in creative costs. 


What's your favourite design tool or service? Share your advice in the comments below!