5 Delicious Keto-Friendly Treats for Low Carb Diet Success

Chocolate Bars, M&M's, and Peanut Butter Cups...Seriously?


We all have a sweet tooth, I certainly do!

Thanks to the keto diet, my low carb baking skills have certainly excelled. But sometimes it’s nice to just open a package and have a keto-friendly treat that won’t spike your blood sugar and throw you out of ketosis

I’ve experimented with MANY keto snacks and sometimes (let’s be honest) they aren’t the greatest! 

So, to help save you time (and money!), here are my Top-5 Favourite candy treats for you to enjoy whenever you’re craving something sweet.

For the complete list of keto diet-approved snacks click the button below, or continue reading to see my personal favourites. 

Pricing note: Unfortunately, healthy foods come at a higher cost these days. As such, keto-approved products often come with a keto-premium price tag.

Thankfully, I've done a lot of research for the lowest prices and have found Amazon to be the best, and cheapest supplier.


My Top-5 Favourite Keto Diet Treats


Probably my absolute favourite. These are just like the real peanut M&M'S, only without the carbs and sugar! 

Stay in ketosis and don't spike your blood sugar. Great for taking to the movies, each box has 5 small packages. 

Only 1g Net Carbs per serving and 1g of sugar.


Legit, keto-approved peanut butter cups just like REESE'S. These things are fantastic!

Only 2g Net Carbs per serving and 0g of sugar to help you maintain ketosis. 


If you like TURTLES then you'll love these! So close to the real thing I personally can't tell the difference. 

Only 2g Net Carbs per serving and 1g of sugar – Keto approved!


This one is very similar to a SNICKERS bar and equally tasty, but won't kick you out of ketosis. 

Only 2g Net Carbs per serving and 1g of sugar


Lastly, these little delicious morsels are very similar to a CARAMILK bar, but keto-friendly.

Only 2g Net Carbs per serving and 1g of sugar


I hope you liked my keto-friendly treat round-up!

Enjoying something sweet AND staying in ketosis is possible, it just takes a bit more research to find the best products. 

Once again, check out the complete list of keto-friendly snacks by clicking the button below:


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